“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

We were reminded of the profundity of this concept recently, when we were lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica for our nephew’s wedding. Afterward we had a bit of an adventure.

In the middle of our trip we had a “difficulty.” When Allen was in the ocean Wendy was accosted by a hooligan on the beach who knocked her off her chair and stole all of our belongings, including the Allen’s driving glasses. (Unable to wear bifocals, he had one pair for distance and one for close-up and reading.) His reading glasses were fortunately not stolen because they were not in the beach bag but perched safely inside his hat.

At the time we were staying in a house in the jungle up a very narrow, steep, and rocky 4 wheel drive road that Wendy didn’t feel comfortable driving on in a manual transmission vehicle. To get us back Allen drove using only his reading glasses, and when that somehow seemed to work, he continued to drive with only the reading glasses for the rest of our trip.

When we returned to Colorado, Allen had an eye exam from our superb optometrist, Dr Marisa Kruger, to arrange for new distance glasses. When she examined him she found an incredible thing had happened. In response to the difficulty of driving without his customary lenses, one of his eyes had adjusted for focusing at distance with only the reading glasses, and the other one remained adjusted to seeing things close in. He no longer uses two different pairs of glasses. What seemed to be very difficult turned out to be the opportunity for a miracle that continues to this day.

We welcome you to work with us to explore the opportunities within your own difficulties.

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