Matrix Repatterning


Matrix Repatterning is a revolutionary new way of fixing physical problems and restoring optimal function, literally at the molecular level. There is nothing else like it. Everything else works on the symptoms of your problem. Matrix Repatterning corrects the cause. Matrix Repatterning is unique because it is based on the understanding that living tissue is constructed of a continuous fabric of cells, all pulling on each other, with tension in all directions. This cellular fabric acts as a strong, flexible, and stable matrix, enabling us to move, exert force, and withstand stress. In addition, the liquid crystalline structure of the matrix appears to generate and distribute electromagnetic energy throughout the body, both within and outside of the nervous system pathways.

The cause of mechanical problems in your body is usually an injury or a series of injuries you have suffered. Each time you are injured, the force of impact is transmitted deep inside your body, where the densest structures absorb the trauma. The parts that absorb the injury become rigid and unforgiving, and create changes in your electromagnetic field. Then your body contracts around the affected areas, creating patterns of tension, stress, abnormal movement, and pain. Because everything is connected, you can end up feeling pain, stiffness, and altered function throughout your body, even in seemingly unrelated areas. Our patients are often amazed when we treat a back problem by working on a foot, or a foot problem by working on your head. In fact, we have found that the source of your problems is rarely where you feel the symptoms.

Once you have been injured, your body will always be in a pattern of abnormal tension. The next time you are injured, your prestressed body will be more vulnerable because of the preexisting tension, and your problems will compound. After several injuries you will tend to get progressively stiffer and stiffer, like you’re a balsa wood model airplane with a rubber band motor, and the propeller is being wound tighter and tighter.

When you have pain, stiffness, and dysfunction you have different treatment options. Some doctors might treat these problems with anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, or muscle relaxants. Some might try physical therapy procedures like exercise, stretching, massage, ultrasound, etc. Some might think your muscles are tight because of restrictions in your spine, and employ chiropractic adjustments to free your nerves. We believe that all of those approaches address the symptoms and not the cause of your problems, and produce results that are partial, superficial, and temporary.

The cause of mechanical problems is absorbed injuries, and the only way we know that can fix such problems is Matrix Repatterning. Matrix Repatterning uses a unique, hands-on method to determine the locations where you have absorbed impact injuries. These are places you are often unaware of until they are pointed out to you. Then we apply gentle pressure to facilitate the discharge of the impact trauma your tissues have stored. This allows the tissue to return to its natural, elastic state, which allows the patterns of tension to dissipate, which leads to relaxation and flexibility throughout your body. The result is that your pain and dysfunction start to improve, often immediately.

The treatment seems so subtle and simple that the profundity of the results often seems amazing. We have found that corrections obtained via Matrix Repatterning are usually permanent, and will not recur unless you experience subsequent trauma. Since most of us have a history of multiple injuries, we end up with multiple layers of abnormal tension patterns. Treatment with Matrix Repatterning proceeds like peeling an onion, removing the most pressing layer first, and then the ones beneath the surface. Unless tissue damage has occurred, these treatments can conceivably release most of the structural imbalances developed over your lifetime, and turn back your biological clock.

We believe that Matrix Repatterning is the most advanced and effective form of manual medicine yet developed. Dr. Allen Berger is one of only a handful of certified Matrix Repatterning practitioners in the world.

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