Head Injury Treatment

Advanced Concussion and Head Injury Treatment

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Advanced Concussion and Head Injury Treatment

There is a rapidly increasing awareness of the prevalence of concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI) in people who have had car crashes, sports injuries, assaults, and falls. However, conventional care for these injuries often amounts to nothing more than watchful waiting, anti-inflammatory and mood-stabilizing drugs, and training in coping strategies.

Matrix Repatterning provides a revolutionary, effective treatment approach for concussion and head injury sufferers. Through our work with Matrix Repatterning we have discovered that in addition to direct damage to neural tissue, there is another, typically unacknowledged, cause of head injury symptoms. We have found that trauma absorbed by the molecular matrix of the cranial bones creates electrical disturbances that indirectly affect brain function. Excitingly, many symptoms of concussion and MTBI can be remedied by Matrix Repatterning treatment to the skull, even years after the injury. The results can seem amazing.

We approach head injuries from a holistic perspective. In addition to Matrix Repatterning, we often utilize targeted clinical nutritional support for the brain, as well as energy medicine like Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Laser Neuromodulation, and acupuncture, to restore harmony to the nervous system and promote brain healing. We have seen many instances of profound recovery.

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