Microcurrent & Laser

Energy medicine – Microcurrent, Laser, and the medicine of the future

Scientists have discovered that humans, like all living organisms, have an electromagnetic field, which derives from our molecular structure. We are constructed out of a continuous molecular fabric called a matrix, which generates this electromagnetic field in response to stress and motion. (Physicists call this piezoelectricity.) We call the electromagnetic field, together with the molecular architecture that generates it, the bioenergetic matrix. It acts as a communications network that conveys information between the cells, tissues and organs that make up our bodies, and between our bodies and our environment. If the nerves communicate like telephone lines, the bioenergetic matrix is like the wireless internet.

Exciting new treatments can influence the bioenergetic matrix directly. A special form of electrotherapy called Frequency Specific Microcurrent creates what is called bioresonance, in which different frequencies of ultralow level electrical stimulation support tissue vitality, energy production, reduction of inflammation, and healing. The bioenergetic matrix is also quite responsive to the therapeutic application of low level laser energy, which helps reduce inflammation, speed up healing time, and rebalance the nervous system to promote normal tissue function and health. This type of laser is much too weak to harm living tissue; it is totally painless and safe. It is not the type of high output laser used for surgery or industrial purposes. The newest type of energy medicine we have incorporated is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF.) PEMF is known for enhancing microcirculation as well as for the other effects of energy medicine.

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