Confluence: Coming Together

We bring together treatment of your body chemistry and structure, your mind, emotions, and spirit to help you holistically and naturally.

We merge traditional wisdom with leading-edge science so you can benefit from what is both time-tested and evidence-based.

We integrate our knowledge of conventional and alternative healthcare.

Integrating the Best of Natural and Holistic Care for Body and Mind - Personalized for You

We are committed to treating each client as an individual, and to understanding and treating the cause of your problems (getting to the root cause) and not just masking your symptoms. We have found that many perplexing and persistent health issues have more than one cause, and that all factors must be addressed to achieve long-lasting, cost-effective treatment success. We adjust what we do to meet your needs. We’ve never found one approach good for everything, or even every case of headache, back pain, or depression. By choosing from and weaving together diverse treatment methods, we can give you the greatest opportunity for healing.

The Mind and Body Aren't Separate

We work with many people with chronic pain of all descriptions, with persistent internal problems like sinus infections or irritable bowel syndrome, or who have been in psychotherapy for years, but their problems never seem to resolve. Often these individuals are trapped in inappropriate stress-response patterns, even if the stressors occurred long ago, and when we add stress-reducing and emotional clearing techniques, such as NET, they finally begin responding to their physical and/or nutritional treatments. Many times such patients are dealing with systemic inflammation that compounds their problems, and they need extra nutritional support to put out the fire. We put together the combination of treatment approaches to create optimal healing for you.

Holistic, Multi-Faceted Solutions

Many clients come to us for counseling related to behavioral issues, such as anxiety and depression. It is often clear to us that they have unstable brain chemistry due to improper nutritional status, and that the unstable brain chemistry is contributing to their unwanted behaviors. Adding nutritional therapy to their counseling jet-propels their progress. Alternately, some clients with mood disorders or behavioral problems are actually suffering from the persistent effects of old closed-head injuries. When we resolve those injuries with Matrix Repatterning they become much more able to make the changes they seek.

Healing Comes From Improved Function

Internal problems like allergies, migraines, digestive problems, diabetes, and fatigue often stem from altered body chemistry. But chemical changes don’t necessarily require drugs. In fact, improving your body chemistry with clinical nutrition and functional medicine can work wonders, without adverse side effects. Normally your body is controlled by regulatory systems like the nervous system, but your regulatory systems can be disrupted by physical trauma and injury. Undoing the effects of injury and restoring your normal function with Matrix Repatterning has helped all sorts of mechanical problems like headaches and pain syndromes, as well as internal problems like stomach reflux and anxiety.

In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity

— Albert Einstein

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Gut Feelings: How your microbiome influences your personality

It’s well known that there are as many microbes in our intestines as there are cells that make up our bodies. It makes sense that the balance and distribution of microbes in our intestines affects our digestive health, and vice versa. Research has increasingly shown that the microbiome, as the collection of microbes is called, should be considered as another organ in our bodies, one that needs to be healthy as much as any other organ, and can contribute to…

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw Season’s Greetings! We hope you had sweet and satisfying holidays filled with serendipitous delight. After the holidays, many people make resolutions about how they want to improve. Our Personal New Year’s Practice Periodically we like to look at ourselves honestly, and compare how we have been doing with how we would like to be doing. We often realize that there are some character traits that would…

The Annals of Matrix Repatterning

At our Thanksgiving dinner, our nephew told a joke He said that his back had been hurting, and he needed to come and get treated. “But,” he said, “knowing you, you’re probably going to tell me that it’s a problem with my earlobe.” Ha Ha! Farfetched? Maybe… Recently a patient came in with some back pain that was unusual for her. She said it came “out of the blue” without any provoking incidents. “Nothing out of the ordinary in your life?…