Scientists have discovered that living organisms have an electromagnetic nature. In fact, the presence of an electromagnetic field is one of the requirements for life. Living things generate electromagnetic fields is from the process of electrochemically charged particles moving through their bloodstreams and tissues. Electromagnetic fields are also generated by our molecular architecture, because all living things are made up of a liquid crystalline molecular matrix that interconnects all of our individual cells into one continuous fabric, and generates an electromagnetic field in response to stress and motion, through what physicists call piezoelectricity.

We call the electromagnetic field generated by being alive, together with the liquid crystalline architecture that generates it, the bioenergetic matrix. The bioenergetic matrix with its attendant field acts as a communications network that conveys information between the cells, tissues and organs that make up our bodies. We have known for a long time that the nervous system carries electrochemical information throughout the body. The bioenergetic matrix is another communications system that coexists with the nervous system. If the nerves can be equated to telephone lines in the way they carry information, the bioenergetic matrix is like the wireless internet, with information diffusely distributed and universally available, like in a hologram.



Traditional Asian philosophy describes a system of energy called “Qi,” that moves in pathways called “meridians”. This system was hypothesized to explain the observation that stimulating points of the skin with various methods was effective in influencing certain health problems, and is the foundation of the practice of acupuncture. Modern science has taught us that the points and meridians that were described by the ancient Chinese two thousand years ago actually exist as areas of skin with different electrical properties than the surrounding skin, even though the anatomy of the points is the same as that of the surrounding skin. The most remarkable aspect of this is that they somehow identified this electrical difference long before electricity had been discovered. Recognition of the body’s liquid crystalline matrix allows us to make sense of acupuncture meridians and Qi. Our belief is that the meridian system of Qi circulation is actually a description of one aspect of the bioenergetic matrix.

Acupuncture is that aspect of Asian medicine that treats illness by the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points that were identified by ancient practitioners as effective. Although the traditional belief is that the needles influence the flow of the vital energy Qi through meridians in the body, modern research explains acupuncture based on the finding that needles, when inserted, induce a slight electric current in the tissues, which influences the body’s electromagnetic field, and help balance the bioenergetic matrix.


Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Bioresonance

The level of electricity generated by the body is extremely tiny, and can’t be replicated by currently available clinical devices. However, microcurrent electrotherapy is available, which stimulates with tiny amounts of electricity, and comes reasonably close to your body’s own currents. The application of microcurrent adds energy to the bioenergetic matrix and enhances health. Microcurrent increases the amount of energy our cells make, which increases the rate and volume of our essential chemical processes. This serves to increase the vitality of all of our tissues, and enhances our ability to grow new cells and heal from whatever is afflicting us.

In addition to universally upregulating energy production, healing, and growth, the special microcurrent device we use can be tuned to many different combinations of frequencies. Researchers have discovered that different parts of our bodies react most favorably to microcurrent stimulation of specific different frequencies. And different conditions of the tissues, such as inflammation, hardening, scarring, etc. respond best to applications of different specific frequencies of microcurrent. This principle of reliable tissue responses to specific frequencies of microcurrent stimulation is called bioresonance. The resonance of our tissues to the appropriate microcurrent frequencies seems to promote healing. Dr. Berger has studied with the developer of this work, which is called Frequency Specific Microcurrent. The various combinations of frequencies applied to the body via microcurrent give us the ability to interact directly with the bioenergetic matrix and induce it to reestablish normal balance and function. We have seen miraculous responses to this modality and we believe that the possibilities of what it can do are limitless.

Laser Neuromodulation

The cells of the human body have been shown to communicate with one another via low level laser-like light emissions. This communication is another aspect of what we call the bioenergetic matrix. Living tissues are quite responsive to the therapeutic application of external low level laser energy. By strategically stimulating the involved tissues with a specially designed low-level laser device, we seem to be able to turn the body’s control circuits back on. Laser treatments have been shown to reduce inflammation, speed up healing time, and promote normal tissue function and health. We have found that the laser applications upregulate the function of the entire bioenergetic matrix, rebalance the function of the nervous system, and are especially useful to restore neurological function and normal muscle tone. In addition, laser is one of the modalities we can use to stimulate acupuncture points.

The low level laser we use is much too weak to harm living tissue; it is totally painless and safe. It is not the type of high output laser used for surgery or industrial purposes. The light wavelengths the laser emits seem to universally enhance the function of body components, especially that of the nervous system. And our laser is adjustable to different frequencies, called duty cycles, which allow us to target different effects. The laser is part of our treatment approach to concussions and head injuries, as well as many other conditions.


Matrix Repatterning

The manual therapy technique Matrix Repatterning is so powerful because it directly affects the bioenergetic matrix, with the practitioner’s hands creating an energetic shift that alters the body’s structure and function. We believe that common denominator of healing is the bioenergetic matrix.

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