Joint Problems

Matrix Repatterning


Matrix Repatterning is a revolutionary new way of fixing physical problems and restoring optimal function, literally at the molecular level. There is nothing else like it. Everything else works on the symptoms of your problem. Matrix Repatterning corrects the cause. Matrix Repatterning is unique because it is based on the understanding that living tissue is constructed of a continuous fabric of cells, all pulling on each other, with tension in all directions. This cellular fabric acts as a strong, flexible, and stable matrix, enabling us to move, exert force, and withstand stress. In addition, the liquid crystalline structure of the matrix appears to generate and distribute electromagnetic energy throughout the body, both within and outside of the nervous system pathways.

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Do I Really Need Surgery?

A patient recently came in after a visit to his friend, an orthopedic surgeon, for an evaluation of his shoulder pain. The surgeon told him that his MRI showed some damaged tendons that would need surgery sooner or later, so he should get it now. He didn’t think anything else would suffice. He told the patient that the rehabilitation process would take 6 to 12 months, and radically hamper his very athletic lifestyle. The patient really didn’t want surgery, but also didn’t want to do the wrong thing. He asked what I thought.

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