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Why we get sick, and how to get well

What is it that makes us get sick? Many years ago there was a painkiller commercial on TV that showed a big hammer hitting someone in the head. The hammer stopped whacking him when he took the right pill. That’s the picture most of us grew up with, that disease and bad health are things that just happen to you, and if you take the right drug (or get the diseased parts cut out) you will miraculously become well. Cause was never even considered. But there must be a cause other than bad luck or lousy genes. The fact is that diseases usually start because of a breakdown of the function of one or more parts of our bodies. Although it can relate to genetics, trauma, infection, or poison, often this breakdown of function happens because of inappropriate or suboptimal lifestyle choices we have made, and continue to make, or that are made for us.

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“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

We were reminded of the profundity of this concept recently, when we were lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica for our nephew’s wedding. Afterward we had a bit of an adventure.

In the middle of our trip we had a “difficulty.” When Allen was in the ocean Wendy was accosted by a hooligan on the beach who knocked her off her chair and stole all of our belongings, including the Allen’s driving glasses. (Unable to wear bifocals, he had one pair for distance and one for close-up and reading.) His reading glasses were fortunately not stolen because they were not in the beach bag but perched safely inside his hat.

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