I was in a head-on collision with another driver who turned in front of me. I just could not seem to get back to normal following this event. When I did go back to work, it was really hard for me to think clearly and deeply about my tasks, problem solve, make decisions, and focus. .. Through Dr. Berger’s work, God brought me to a level of health and wellbeing that is even better than it was before the accident, and I now feel hope that I will continue to feel well and be healthy in the coming years.

T.C. – Head Injury

I felt as if I had seen nearly every allergist in the city … I literally forgot what it was like to breath through my nose. I spent my days gasping for air and feeling exhausted… the traditional medical community provided no long lasting help. Dr. Berger provided acupuncture, nutritional and chiropractic care. The combination of these therapies has created a practically miraculous turn-around in my general health and specifically in my respiratory problems.

C.L. – Asthma

I had pain in my lower abdomen would vary from just noticeable to extreme, especially when I became fatigued … I went to Dr. Allen Berger after hearing him speak … I no longer have stiffness in my lower back and the pain is gone!

K.B. – Abdominal Pain

… what truly stands out is her unwavering ethical integrity- I always feel that I can trust her completely. It’s clear that she has a genuine desire to help others, and with her strong communication skills, she has guided me through my struggles with wisdom and grace.


Working with Allen and Wendy has led me to a happier, healthier life. My family and I have been seeing them when needed over these last 10+ years. They are amazing healers and well worth the time and energy.


Dr. Berger has aided me greatly in recovering from chronic headaches, a severely sprained ankle, a second batch of ulcers, various liver issues, a severe and remarkably persistent head injury, I am absolutely indebted to Dr. Berger for the assistance which he has provided to me!

M.H. – Ulcers

I had ongoing lower back pain for over 20 years. Chiropractors provided some help, but I still had pain. Dr. Berger believed the problem was due to an old injury from a leg break and that area needed treatment. He was right! I no longer have the extreme pain in my back and leg!

K.D. – Low Back Pain

I am sleeping in the same room with my wife after 24 years of sleeping in separate bedrooms! There is no doubt that the various treatments Dr. Berger gave me are mainly responsible for my ability to sleep through nights consistently without snoring.

D.S. – Snoring

I was in pain from Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis and extra weight. I felt hopeless, helpless and destined to live out my life in chronic pain. Dr. Berger directed me on what foods to avoid, gave me nutritional supplements and began his treatments. Now, I am like a new person!


The acupuncture, chiropractic and nutritional methods of Dr. Berger have literally given me a new lease on life. My migraine headaches, which I’ve endured for decades, have ceased. Thank you, Dr. Berger!

T.L. – Migraines