Why Psychotherapy isn’t enough

Why Psychotherapy isn’t enough

Traditional psychotherapy is comforting to both the client and the therapist, but by itself it very rarely, in our experience, empowers people to effectively alter their lives. Understanding your problems is useful, but in itself it doesn’t create change. Most people develop habitual ways of thinking and behaving that control us just like we are driving through ruts on an icy road. We can know the ruts are there and even understand how they were created, but that understanding doesn’t help us drive a straight line. As smart as we are, we still watch ourselves drive into the same ruts time after time, and, when we get stuck again, we feel trapped and unable to steer out of those deeply hewn grooves.

We believe that the purpose of psychotherapy is to help people create change in their lives, and that talk therapy by itself is often not enough to do this. Because of this limitation many therapy clients don’t get the results they want, and end up taking suppressive psychotropic drugs, which numb them and can even serve to prevent the consciousness necessary for change. We absolutely believe in the value of psychotherapy, and with it we employ a variety of methods that, in addition to helping our clients understand the unconscious patterns that have been controlling them, actually enable them to fundamentally transform their thought processes, their behavior, and their lives.


Mental and Emotional Transformation

We use a body-based process called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) that identifies the emotional and mental ruts that we have become stuck in and clears them away, so that our clients are free to create new lives and experiences for themselves. NET cuts through mental cloudiness like a laser and creates fresh vision, whether that vision is needed to see through depression, anxiety, grief or any other dilemma. NET transforms present difficulties into healing opportunities, and is lots of fun, too.


Physical Transformation

Many times we see children and adults in persistent stress states from biochemical or nutritional imbalance, chronic illness, or prolonged physical pain, because these factors adversely affect their brain chemistry and physiology. When your body is in constant stress it is very difficult to make psychological changes or feel well balanced emotionally, and you can often feel like you are unable to get better. In such situations we can use laboratory testing to evaluate your brain chemicals and stress hormones. Once your specific patterns of chemical imbalance have been determined we can use drugless nutritional support to balance your brain chemistry. This approach seems more appropriate to us than just picking a mass marketed pharmaceutical product designed for a one-size-fits-all approach to stifle depression in the general public. The nutritional approach we use allows us to be specific to your individual needs and to use only naturally occurring compounds with no adverse side effects. In addition, offering our clients the opportunity to work on their physical well-being in conjunction with their psychological healing makes self-transformation much easier. Treating the physical body along with the mental body creates a holistic approach to healing.


Spiritual Transformation

Studies on biofeedback have shown that regular spiritual-based or consciousness-based meditative practice can positively change brain chemistry. For those who are interested we support the transpersonal aspects of our clients by non-denominational spiritual practices, centering exercises, grounding meditations, and breath therapy. This means that regardless of your specific religion or belief, we are able to create a safe space for the enrichment of your spiritual and transpersonal life.


Our goal

We do our best to help you overcome whatever is burdening you, and to achieve greater understanding, growth, and health. In addition we strive to facilitate a transformation that leads to wholeness, balance, and a confluence of body, mind, and spirit.

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