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NET: Neuroemotional Technique

Sometimes stressful situations and repressed emotions become “stuck” in your psyche and you remain in a “reactive” response state that can persist even years after the precipitating event. These “locked in” emotions resonate in your nervous system and can lead to obstacles to your success in relationships and work, as well as increased stress, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, and even physical symptoms and diseases. This can happen even if you don’t remember the initiating events. You might be aware that your life is not going the way you want, and yet you don’t know why, and can’t see that change is possible, or how to make it happen.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) can help you get free of these “stuck” emotions. It uses muscle reflex testing to access the unconscious part of your mind where the “locked-in” patterns are. NET makes psychotherapy more effective and fun. You can use it to delve as deep as you want to. Once the patterns are identified, NET can help you release them, easily, quickly, and effectively.  NET removes the blocks to your body’s natural balancing and healing processes, and helps you deal with your issues more easily.

NET is the most transformational and efficient therapy we have ever seen. Clients say they discover in one session the equivalent of years of traditional therapy, and even more, that NET helps them to quickly change their unwanted patterns. It cuts through your issues like a laser. It can be helpful for small children, adults, couples, and families. When used with children it can help parents learn more about their kids’ real issues. Both Wendy Berger and Dr. Allen Berger practice NET.