Holistic Diagnosis/Treatment

Holistic Diagnosis/Treatment

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Holistic Diagnosis and Comprehensive, Integrated Treatment

Many people who come to us have previously been treated by many different practitioners, who have used a variety of approaches and techniques on them. Despite all this, they still have their problems, and they still don’t really know what is wrong with them. Most doctors are specialists and see each case only in the context of their specialized training. Modern health issues, however, tend to be complex and multidimensional, and often don’t fit neatly into standard diagnostic categories. A general, integrated approach is necessary.

Because we integrate a variety of philosophies, arts, sciences, and methods of healing, we can often see the big picture of your situation, and help you understand why and how the various aspects of your case are actually related and make sense. We have been told many times how relieved our patients are to finally get an accurate diagnosis and explanation after years of searching.

And, because there is no one approach that can fix all problems, we can bring together a confluence of healing strategies, the combination of treatment modalities necessary to help you, whether in our office or with members of the team of excellent doctors we refer to, in the most expedient, cost-effective manner possible.

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