Matrix Repatterning

Matrix Repatterning

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Matrix Repatterning – Revolutionary Treatment for Pain and Dysfunction

Matrix Repatterning is a revolutionary form of gentle, hands-on treatment that fixes pain and other mechanical problems, and restores optimal function, literally at the molecular level. There is nothing else like it. Matrix Repatterning corrects the cause of your problems, not just the symptoms, by removing the traces of injury.

Wherever you hurt, whatever is tight or dysfunctional, problems like these start when you suffer injuries, and in response your body tightens around the injured place. Because everything is connected, over time you tend to end up with stiffness, stress, abnormal movement, altered function, and pain throughout your body, even in seemingly unrelated areas. In fact, we have found that the source of your problems is rarely where you feel the symptoms.

Matrix Repatterning is the only way we know to pinpoint where you have absorbed impact injuries (you are often unaware of these places until they are pointed out to you) and then gently remove the stored energy residue and unwind the compensations. This allows the patterns of tension to dissipate, and your problems to resolve, often immediately. It works for all ages, it doesn’t involve abrupt manipulation, and the effects last.

We believe that Matrix Repatterning is the most advanced and effective form of manual medicine yet developed. Dr. Allen Berger is one of only a handful of certified Matrix Repatterning practitioners in the world.

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