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Children's Therapy

Children have special needs in their therapy, and Wendy Berger, MA, LPC has special ways of handling those needs. NET can help kids connect with their real issues even when they are unable or embarrassed to fully articulate them. Wendy is also trained in Sand Tray work, a fun way of enabling children to create symbolic representations of their subconscious motivations, which can give parents an inside view of what their children are struggling with. The representations in the sand tray can be explored and processed with NET. Kids who work with Wendy also have the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of creative media to facilitate their therapy.

It’s common for children to act out when they are dealing with stress in their family, which happens with divorce and other transitions. Kids with these acting-our behaviors are often medicated, which doesn’t give them an opportunity to resolve their issues and come to terms with their transitions. Therapy can help them thrive. Even kids diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have been treated successfully without medication, using our holistic approach.

Although the child is often identified as the patient in need of help, we have found that the best results come from an integrated approach to therapy that includes dietary and nutritional support as well as counseling, and, where indicated, parenting advice and training.

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