In the Western world we tend to think of the mind and body as separate entities that operate under different and unrelated rules. Our view is that the mind and body represent different dimensions of the same thing, different realms in the same space. This is part of a concept we call the four worlds of healing. We have seen that things that change the mind and emotions change the body, and vice versa.

Emotional responses to significant life events cause a change in our physical state. Usually, this is temporary. Sometimes, however, due to the degree of stress associated with certain events or situations, our physiological responses to emotions become “locked in” and we never fully get back to our normal state. These “locked in” responses can persist even years after the precipitating event. These “locked in” neuro-emotional complexes resonate in our bodies, minds, and nervous systems and create conditioned responses like we are Pavlov’s dogs salivating at the sound of a bell. Some neuro-emotional complexes, if they persist long enough, can lead to increased stress, altered function, and ultimately, imbalanced body structure, abnormal behavioral patterns, and other physical symptoms and diseases. One of the most fascinating aspects of these neuro-emotional complexes is that they are often totally unconscious, so that while we can be aware of whatever physical, emotional, or behavioral symptoms we have going on, we typically have no idea of the underlying cause, or even that there is an underlying cause. We can understand that life is not going the way we want and yet not seem to be able to change it.

Many neuro-emotional complexes develop from emotional stresses associated with our families. For example, we have known people who create, over and over again, primary relationships that replicate their parents’ marriage, even though they know that marriage was severely flawed, and they are consciously striving to be different and better. Neuro-emotional complexes can make you vulnerable to emotional upset when you are exposed to triggers such as images or sounds that were present when your neuro-emotional complex was formed. An extreme example of this is the Army veteran who was traumatized by gunshots during the war and now, many years later, gets anxious at the sound of firecrackers. People with neuro-emotional complexes are continually responding to triggering stimuli, and living in a state of constant stress physiology, even though they are often unconscious of the stimuli, their significance, and their effect. This response pattern can be associated with all sorts of physical or mental-emotional health problems.



Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a method we use to discover unresolved emotional response patterns that have become locked into your body, and then to eliminate them.

NET practitioners use Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, body reflex points, and your reactions to verbal cues as a biofeedback mechanism to uncover the patterns of repressed emotions stuck in your body and to assist and guide you to recall the emotion and situation or event that led to the development of your neuro-emotional complexes. Then, while you focus on the memory of the precipitating event or situation and re-experience the associated emotion, a safe and quick physical intervention enables your body to extinguish the emotion-imbued conditioned response of the neuro-emotional complex. Afterward, you can usually live your life in a healthier, less reactive way.

NET is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy, however, many people experience great psychotherapeutic-style gains when using this approach. NET is the most transformational and efficient therapy we are aware of. Very often clients say that they discover in one session what might take them years of traditional therapy to uncover, if they ever could. And traditional therapy does nothing to clear the patterns of dysfunction associated with the original trauma or event. With NET we uncover these issues and literally clear them. Nothing else is like it. For instance, if a woman has a history of having been assaulted, and is now having difficulties with relationships, merely understanding that the two situations might be related does little to enable her to create actual changes in her life. However, if that woman is able, through the process of NET, to identify, understand, and clear the emotions that have been stuck in her body since her assault, she has the potential to literally and permanently transform the pattern of her future relationships with little or no further intervention. NET can change the way you relate to your past. In our experience, what actually happens to you is less significant in terms of your emotional reality than how you respond to what happens to you. Your responses create your state.

By defusing neuro-emotional complexes NET removes the blocks to your body’s natural balancing and healing processes. Removing these blocks does not make life’s problems disappear. We consistently find, however, that people with a more relaxed and balanced nervous system as a result of clearing their neuro-emotional complexes, can deal with their problems more effortlessly and effectively.

NET can transform your life instantaneously. It’s much more than techniques that merely focus on the negativity of the past, help you understand the reasons for your failures, or set goals for a hypothetical future that you can’t see how to get to. NET can clear the obstacles that keep you from creating and maintaining your ideal relationship, so you can have the life you deserve. NET is so profound that it really has to be experienced to be believed. It can be applied to almost any issue, and adapted for use with small children as well as adults.

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