Acupuncture and Asian Medicine

Traditionale disease rather than just control or mask the   symptoms.  Healing is done with traditional and modern herbal formulas and with acupuncture. Acupuncture is an aspect of Asian medicine that treats illness by the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points that were identified by ancient practitioners as effective based on their observations and insight. Their belief was that the needles influence the flow of energy called “Qi” through channels or “meridians” in the body, but modern research explains acupuncture based on the finding that needles, when inserted, induce a slight electric current in the tissues, which influences the body’s electromagnetic field, and affects the bioenergetic matrix. Acupuncture is energy medicine, because the traditional acupuncture points have different electrical properties than the surrounding skin, and changing your electromagnetic field changes you.

Even people afraid of needles seem to like acupuncture, finding it pleasant and relaxing, but if needles bother you, we get equally excellent results when we treat the points without needles, achieving completely painless stimulation with microcurrent electricity or laser. We use both traditional diagnostic methods, like feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue, and modern instruments that measure the electrical conductivity of telltale diagnostic acupuncture points, to determine which points need to be treated to return your bioenergetic matrix to a state of harmony.

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